Perhaps you are interested in getting a GPS unit for your Car but you do not know, which type to buy? There are many different ways to do GPS and there are many GPS solutions for the consumer. Let’s compare a couple of examples of products you can buy to solve your GPS desires. Nobody wants to be lost and no man wants to ask someone else for directions. That is why God invented GPS.Perhaps you have seen the commercials for TomTom, which offers voice-activate GPS while you drive. The Tom Tom Go 910 costs about $800 and it is a pretty nifty little unit. If voice-activated GPS is not what you’re looking for there are less expensive units that you can get into.One company makes a GPS unit, which is also an MP3 player. The MIO DigiWalker C310 is a take anywhere type device for about $650 and in this unit also interfaces with your Microsoft outlook e-mail contacts and address book and anyone listed in there with an address, the GPS can take you there; pretty cool.One of the most popular GPS units that most of the truck drivers enjoy you can also get for your SUV and it is made by Garmin Corp. and it is the GPS Map 378 and it will set you back about $1200-$1300. The MapQuest Navigator is another interesting toy and he can turn any modern cell phone into a GPS unit with full display, so it is great if you are on foot and the service runs about $10 per month.Perhaps it is time that you got a GPS unit so you don’t get lost anymore and can find those things quicker without driving around wasting all that expensive gas. Hopefully you’ll consider all this in 2006.

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