The Global Positioning System, or GPS as it is widely known, is a navigation system originally developed by the US military which continues its’ maintenance today. It is an integrated system of 24 satellites that orbit the earth and through the navigational process of triangulation can pinpoint a position anywhere on earth where a GPS receiver is located. During the 1980’s the government opened up the use of the GPS to the private sector. It is widely expected to become the next personal utility in the same way that cellular phones have over the past couple of decades.There are many benefits for the automobile owner to have their vehicle equipped with a GPS navigation system including; saving time, fuel economy, safety, and tracking.Saving Time – With the use of a GPS receiver in your car you will avoid wasting time being lost. Whether you become truly lost and loose valuable time by going way off the direct route to your destination, or whether you are merely just driving around a neighborhood looking for a specific address a GPS will direct you to your end destination via a direct route. This can save you valuable time, disagreements with fellow passengers, and keep you punctual for your appointments.Fuel Economy – With the GPS directing you to your destination via a direct route you will end up driving fewer miles. In these times of high fuel prices, any reduction in the number of miles driven will have a positive impact on what you are spending at the pump. You will realize additional savings from needing to service your vehicle less frequently due to; fewer oil changes, fewer engine services, and tires lasting longer just to mention a few. With reduced mileage driven during a year you may even qualify to reduce your auto insurance premium.Safety – By directing you on your route you will not become lost – therefore you should have no need to have to stop and ask for directions. Nearly everyone has had to stop and ask directions in a neighborhood they did not feel totally safe in – whether it is due to the neighborhood itself or the time of day. In this day of car jackings and random crimes this is an important benefit of owning a GPS receiver for your car.Tracking- Some GPS are equipped with a feature that allows you to track the location of the vehicle that has the GPS in it. This has significant value if you are trying to keep track of a child that has just received their license or another family member.While these all have significant impact for personal use, the benefits are greatly compounded when you are using the GPS in a delivery or courier vehicle. If you are in charge of a fleet of vehicles, think of the benefits and how quickly and easily you can recoup your initial investment to equip your cars and/or trucks with GPS. I for one would not consider leaving my home without GPS in my car if I am venturing further than the local supermarket.

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