Police high-speed chases often end in disaster when the suspect crashes into another car, runs over a pedestrian or hits a tree and kills themselves. Likewise, often very expensive police cars paid for by the taxpayer are destroyed during car chases and innocent lives are put into danger for no real reason. Some of this can be prevented; say GPS research scientists. How so you ask?Well, some top universities that specialize in GPS systems have created GPS darts, which can be shot out of a gun and they will stick into the suspect’s car. The concept has caught the of a couple of high-tech Venture Capital Funded entrepreneurial companies. The city of Los Angeles is now going to install the system on 40 some police cars and try it.One the GPS dart is shot and tags the car, then the satellite will track them wherever they go in real time. This way, the police can call off the chase and wait until the car stops or disappears into a garage and then the police know exactly where to go to pick the person up without incident.Let’s face it chasing someone at over 100 miles an hour down the crowded streets of Los Angeles, New York or Dallas is just stupid. There are simply too many cars, too much congestion and too much can go wrong. It just isn’t worth it. So just shoot the Dart at the suspect’s car and then back off and go away. Once the car is tagged they are as good is caught anyway. Please consider all this in 2006.

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