For good GPS readings and proper triangulation at least three points are needed, but what if we only have one or two satellites hovering over Mars or worse off orbiting. All must be in range and really we need three at the same time.So, if we are to use GPS for the Mars Rover, which we need then we will need additional satellites. But what if the Earth is one of them? No, too far away and it would take 5-minutes for the signal to reach the Mars Rover, so that will not work.Well then we need more satellites in Geo Sync for Mars right? Indeed, that would be the ticket for proper exploration and unmanned vehicles on the surface of the planet. Of course that requires a little bit of hard work to put more satellites in orbit or in geo sync over Mars. Eventually however, if we are going to build Mars Colonies we will need them anyway.The trick is every time we deliver something to Mars, we let loose another satellite there and link all these together in a net-centric fashion to help us with all our future needs for Mars exploration. GPS strategies make sense for communication, navigation and precision accuracy for all our activities and we should be thinking here if we plan to go to the next step there. Consider all this in 2006.

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