GPS or Global Positioning Systems are becoming more and available to the average person. You can now get GPS installed in phones, cars and the latest Garmin GPS Watches. With more navigational uses Garmin GPS watches have joined the ranks of technology and advancement .In the United States alone, interest for navigational systems has exploded making the average person ready to experience Garmin GPS watches.Some of the newest and most popular Garmin GPS watches are the Forerunner 201 and Forerunner 101. These watches have a lot to offer both for navigation and training. With easy to use programming anyone can learn to use these new high tech watches. Both watches have many available features. For example the Forerunner 201 has a comfort based ergonomic wrist strap, easily readable display, and GPS sensor for all your training wants and needs. Offering precise measurements in speed, pace and distance the Forerunner 201 is and excellent piece of training equipment. There are also training assistant capabilities available on the Forerunner making tracking your data simple and carefree.The virtual partner feature available on the Garmin GPS Forerunner 201 watch will enhance your training just as though you have a personal trainer. With the advanced technology available in this watch you can set the programming to suit your speed, pace and personal tracking requirements making the watch individual as the person who uses one. You will be able to track your progress therefore enhancing your personal output abilities. Studies have shown that when trainers track your progress you will be more able to stick with your workout regimen and succeed at a greater level than when you train alone. The virtual training partner will act as a person trainer to ensure success.Although the technology is advancing ever faster than in the past you will not be left behind. By purchasing and using a Garmin GPS watch you too will be advancing with the technology. Why pay a lot of money for a personal trainer at a gym when you can have a person trainer on your watch who can be available anytime anywhere. The benefits of these new hybrid watches will far outweigh the cost once you have experienced the feeling of succeeding on a personal level without help from an expensive trainer.New advancements in technology are happing at lightning speed but the new watches from Garmin are advancing right along with it. With excellent navigational, performance tracking, and virtual training partner these high tech watches can help you attain the goals you have set for yourself. Garmin GPS Watches will go the distance with you!

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