Vacations are times to relax and enjoy, not worry about finding your way around. Are you flying, or driving? Are you going somewhere that you know well or somewhere totally new? Are you renting a car if you’re flying, or are you going to depend on taxis? If you are traveling by taxi do you know if a ‘shortcut’ the taxi driver suggests is really a shortcut or possibly are you being scammed to increase your rate. What are your plans once you get to your destination? Are you going backpacking, hunting, or fishing, or do planning a trip to a resort and plan on lying by the pool and just relaxing? Wouldn’t it be nice not the have to worry about finding a location, or a good restaurant. Your visit would be much more enjoyable without this concern.Is it possible that you will be off in your own airplane, with a GPS you can create your flight plans and get automatic calculations of headings, winds, time, and fuel or recalculate your heading. Are you driving or plan on renting a car once you get to your destination? Do you know the route well or is this a new adventure? Whether this is a trip that you frequently make or not a GPS can be indispensable. What if you get detoured due to an accident or road construction, what if you run into a large traffic jam do you need to sit and wait, or is there possibly another route you could take? Have you ever wanted to get off the beaten path and explore somewhere new but were afraid of getting lost? Wouldn’t it be nice just to take off to somewhere new without the fear of getting lost? Do you plan on going fishing? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the fish are, so you can spend your time catching fish, instead of spending your whole vacation with the possibility of catching nothing?Have you planned a trip to visit a foreign country but were afraid you have trouble getting around when street signs are in a different language? With a GPS you put in your destination and find the location that you would like to go to. There is also translation software which can be downloaded to your PCA.Are you going backpacking, hiking or camping, or even plan on taking a bike ride, with a GPS you have the added security of knowing if you get lost you can find your way out. Is there an area you always wanted to explore, but was afraid of not finding your way back.Vacations are too far apart (2-3 weeks a year?) and are planned, paid for and anxiously awaited for, to have to worry about getting lost. Whether you plan on lying by the beach or pool all day, you might want to find a certain restaurant or shop, or hiking through the forest a GPS can take the worry out of traveling and allow you to enjoy you’re trip.Copyright 2006 Angela Carter

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