How come all the adults get the cool toys. We have GPS units the size of cell phones. You can get a GPS for your bicycle, which will tell you your exact speed, where you are and your average time to destination at the present rate and accumulated time, speed and distance, WOW.We have GPS for Motor Homes, snowmobiles, boats and motorcycles. It seems all the high-end cars have them too now. And they better considering the 50K cost of today’s SUV they better come with GPS. Indeed I hear you.But what about for GPS to track golf balls on the PDA on the steering wheel of our golf cart? We all love GPS and so give us more ASAP, alert the media and lets get the researchers right on it. Indeed when there is money involved and such markets available an entrepreneurial company will fill that niche. So, you have to give kudos to capitalism no doubt.But what about our children, we need GPS trackers to watch them and they need navigation tools too. For instance they need GPS for the steering wheels on their Big Wheels; it is only fair. If Dad can have all these tools in his cars, golf cart and Mountain Bike then certainly Junior should be able to have GPS technologies too. Perhaps we should consider this in 2006.

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