If you’re reading this article, you must be tired of getting lost. Good news is that Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have finally become affordable and user-friendly. However, there are so many brands and models available that it’s easy to get lost in technical details.Garmin StreetPilot? Magellan RoadMate? Pioneer? TomTom? Which GPS best fits my needs? After-Market GPS or Built-in Vehicle GPS? What are the most important features to look for? Recievers? Handhelds? PDAs? Blue Tooth? What does it all mean?We answer the questions that comparison shopping engines don’t. After reading this short article you’ll have the basic information you need to choose the GPS that best fits your needs, life style and budget. We have done extensive research and reviewed the distinguishing features of the highest rated, most popular GPS in each price category. Each model is a BestBuys.com Editors Choice.Economy: $200-300 On a Budget? Only need the essentials to take you from point A to B? You should consider Garmin’s Streetpilot i-Series. The i2, i3, and i5 are around $200-$300 and still have all the features to get you to your destination with ease.Cons: The i2 and i3 only hold several states’ maps at once.Bottom Line: The Garmin i-Series provides a perfect blend of affordability and features for commuters, college students, and corporate travelers who are looking to experience the ease and enjoyment of GPS satellite navigation for the first time. Full-Featured: $400-$500 Widely acclaimed for its smart, touch-screen interface, the StreetPilot c340 is considered the best GPS in its class.Cons: Traffic updates require subscriptionBottom Line: The c340 boasts the best combination of features and simplicity at a competitive price.International Friendly: $600-700 If you like the features of the c-Series, but plan on bringing your GPS overseas, you should consider the Garmin nuvi 350. Taking the c-Series to a new level, Garmin created the Nuvi, which caters to the international traveler.Cons: Expensive, subscription required for some of the Travel Kit features.Bottom Line: Fantastic features, but do you need them? It’s a high price tag for what is basically a c-Series with a travel package.High-End: $600-$700 The StreetPilot 2720 is among the most powerful automotive GPS navigation systems available. Building upon the features of the c-Series, the 2720 has everything you need and more.Cons: Expensive.Bottom Line: Great choice if you need the multiple destination routing. Otherwise, the more affordable c340 is your best buy.High End In-Dash: $1000-$2000 The Pioneer AVIC-N3 is arguably the best in-dash navigation you can buy. And it’s a DVD player, too.Cons: Costly installation. Point Of Interest search doesn’t show distances until it is selected (a feature that all Garmin models have). Shuffle control is a bit flimsy. Ability to drive while playing DVD depends on installation.Bottom line: If you do not need a DVD player, you don’t need the avic-N3. That aside, the Pioneer Avic-N3 is the best in-dash navigation system on the market.

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